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Need some inspiration? These are a few of the campaigns that
we will never forget.


Men and Women Are Incarcerated


Prisoners Released


Return Home



On a national basis, recidivism estimates are 66% or higher. This means that 6 out of 10 of those released from prison will return to prison within 3 years.
Obviously, the system by itself
is not working.

Recidivism for Offenders who have gone through voluntary
faith-based programs designed to help transform the inner being
has reduced to less than 10%.

Today’s offender is
tomorrow’s neighbor.
90% of today’s offenders will be
released back into society
which one would you want
living next door?

Recidivism Rates Declining Within The Gates Of Texas Prisons.

Over the last five years, the rate of recidivism has dropped dramatically in the state of Texas, from about 75% to around 22%, according to a retiree, Dr. Vance Drum, former director of TDCJ Chaplaincy Programs. Faith-based programs and ministries such as Disciples 4 Christ are helping to bring about this change! With several events, each year, including Family Fun Days, Faith Dorm classes, seminars, crusades, monthly chapel services and our Christmas Blessing Bags, the love of Christ is shown over and over to men and women behind prison walls. When hearts and lives are changed by the power of God from the inside out, it not only impacts offenders while residing in prison but also gives them purpose and direction as they re-enter into the free world to become happy, successful citizens of our communities.