But God

But God By J. W. Phillips

But GodTo have seen such surprise in the faces of so many friends upon finding out I’d made parole, I must say kind of hurt.

Didn’t they realize I had done twenty-two years flat? Didn’t they realize how I was sick and tired of prison? Though I found it easier to forgive the haters (expected) than  it was to forgive friends, I can say that all have been since forgiven. I was soon released by way of a confusing bus (Blue Bird) ride to the Hightower Unit for the S.O. Program, back to the Hughes Unit for twenty-five days, then to the Goree Unit for 18 days, and finally to the Walls Unit for my overnight stay and release. My family waited five hours (and 22 years) for me to finally walk out  – FREE AT LAST. I later arrived at the New Name Ministries Transitional Living facility and there my life in the free-world began.

I spent my first thirty days immersed in study material while I decompressed from prison life. Think about it, I had never held a cell phone, nor experienced the internet. Hamburger was $0.89 lb when I went to prison – NOW $3.00 lb. Gas was $1.89 then, TODAY $3.59! So you get the picture, I had grown old behind those walls. BUT GOD!

Aren’t those words awesome! “But God!” After all I’d endured, God came through for me. He supplied me with a great job working for a great company, making a great income…and for a time, everything seemed rosey. Then on June 26th, I was rushed into the hospital’s emergency room holding my side, screaming like a two year old. Turned out I had a softball sized cancerous tumor blocking my small intestines. Hey…But God! You see, during a recent Honor Council session, it was revealed that I was struggling with trust issues with God. It was through this cancer ordeal that God showed me just how much I could trust Him. He literally put His loving arms around me, through a host of people. Kairos members inside and outside, the church I had joined, and of course my brothers at New Name Ministries. I was even blessed with the best nurses known to mankind.

Oh how I praise God for putting such wonderful people in my life; for securing my employment; sending provisions concerning my bills. God is literally working all things out for my good (see Romans 8:28).

Walk with God for He is the Light.