Office Manager For D4C

D4C Welcomes Our New Office Manager: Jennifer Jones

Jennifer York
Jennifer York D4C Office Manager

Disciples 4 Christ was instrumental in my transformation from incarceration to the free world. Before I was released I knew the importance of staying connected to the body of Christ and I knew God was calling me to give back to those I left behind.

While in the faith dorm I was blessed with a strong woman of God to mentor me upon release. She encouraged me to visit Harvest Bible Church, now my home church, where I have volunteered with our widow’s ministry, children’s church and a weekly home bible study.

Still lead to do more I prayed for direction and God opened the doors for me to go back in with Disciples 4 Christ. When I learned of their need for an Office Manager I didn’t hesitate, it was exactly what I was praying for. I look forward to not only volunteering on the inside but also serving in this administrative position. To God be the glory!!! D4C