He Has Given Me Life

He’s Given Me Life After Prison

He Has Given Me Life

True Story By A Former Offender: Amy A.

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fter spending five years in prison, I was released in Oct. 2003. I feel I could write a book on the things that happened to me since then that COULD have given me a reason to do something to reoffend and go right back.

BUT I found Jesus (again), while I was in prison. Now here it is 11 years, the death of my husband of 15 years due to cancer, the murder of my father, custody of TWO of my grandchildren, and the owner of five rental properties later.

God has kept me, held me, loved me, given me strength, peace and hope throughout it all. I am a victor in Christ. The daughter of the richest king! He’s given me life after prison. And he will do it for you!