Disciples 4 Christ is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of mature Christian men and women, each bearing a testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a personal witness consistent with the Biblical requirements given in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Furthermore, each member of the Board has demonstrated an anointing for prison ministry outreach and to do the work of an evangelist in the course of his or her own personal ministry.

The Board and Officers serve the ministry by the counsel of the Holy Spirit.

All Board members serve without compensation, in humble submission to the Lord’s instructions in Luke 17:10. They may be reached through the CONTACT US page.

Susan Neyra

Founder and Executive Director:
Susan Neyra

I would not be the person that I am today if it had not been for volunteers who loved me in spite of my situation where I was incarcerated for over 5 years. Now it is my turn to go back into the gates and minister to those I left behind. Where I ask God’s will for an opportunity to share the Gospel, to receive the grace and to be able to speak it well enough for others to understand it. So that those who are lost will each obtain eternal life through the shed blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

During my incarceration I was privileged to work as a clerk to Chaplain Nelson at the Mt. View unit. After performing , “The Old Woman Is Dead” at a marriage seminar, Mrs. Nelson spoke a blessing over my life. “Susan, I believe you are called to speak and sing.” Four year after my release I applied to be a volunteer chaplain at the Hunt County Detention Center. May were skeptical that I would be approved, BUT I was not only approved I also served as Administrative Chaplain for six months. While volunteering as a counselor with the Mike Barber ministry I was reacquainted with Chaplain Nelson who became the TDCJ Regional Chaplain. Mrs. Nelson remembered me and opened the doors to provide ministry in prison.

God laid on my heart to start a ministry that would touch the hearts of incarcerated women. Through the ministry, upon release we would provide services to help ease their transition from prison back into society. As well as strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ in the process. I am very excited about each program the ministry has to offer and the opportunities the women will have through our ministry. God is the ONLY true source of CHANGE. AMEN!


Senior Director:
Rob Waldron

Rob Waldron lives in Royse City with his wife Melina of 16 years and their two children. This motorcycle enthusiast is active in his church at Sabine Creek, a softball umpire in the local community, and a huge fan of Theos and Overcast. He has been serving the Lord with D4C in the past four years.

Rob said, “It is an absolute honor to serve the Lord in such a hospitable environment. To go into the unit to do your best to serve the offenders is such a blessing for me. I could not do it without the loving support of my beautiful wife and kids. I can’t wait until the interview videos are posted, so everyone can see the powerful work that is being done through D4C. God bless and I look forward to our next trip in the future.”


Senior Director/Treasurer:
Robert Neyra

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Bob came to Greenville, Texas, in 1977 when his grandfather moved the family business to the area where Bob worked from the age of 14. Living in a dysfunctional home, he lost both his parents and his older brother to alcoholism, Bob knew this was a road he didn’t want to go down.

One day an employee of his grandfather’s business, noticed Bob’s gift of math, and encouraged him to go to college. While in college Bob chose to pursue a degree in education with his specialization in math. Upon graduation, Bob got a job in the public school system. Bob especially likes to work with the at risk students.

Bob fell in love with prison ministry while accompanying his new bride, Susan, to the Gatesville units. They even spent part of their honeymoon ministering to inmates. Bob works alongside Susan as she fulfills the call on her life.

Bill Cook

Bill  Cook

Bill grew up in Belton, Texas where he now resides with his wife Renae.  Bill came to know Susan and the Disciples 4 Christ team first-hand while incarcerated on the Hughes Unit.  He saw God work through Disciples 4 Christ in his own life and the lives of those around him. It was pretty clear to him and his wife that upon his release and his approval to begin ministering within the gates of TDCJ. Being part of this team was where God wanted him to begin to sow back into the Kingdom.  While incarcerated, Bill re-dedicated his life to the Lord and made the decision to make the most of the opportunities presented to him and make the best of the situation he was faced with.  He was determined to never give up and wants to encourage others who are faced with these same challenges that they too can beat the odds. Regardless of what may be stacked against them because with God, ALL things are possible.  While incarcerated, Bill earned numerous Religious Studies Certifications, two associates degrees, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Texas A&M Central Texas, graduated with Magna Cum Laude and was on the Dean’s List.  Bill and his wife are now owners of Elite Doors in Belton.

Bill shares, “I am determined to serve the Lord in giving back to those who are in those dark places I fought to overcome, to teach them the skills they need to be successful when they leave the gates so that they become a part of the percentage that never return.  I want to help them understand the importance of laying a strong foundation in Christ and growing deep roots before they come home so that as the inevitable storms of life come they will be able to stand firm in the Lord and endure.”


Senior Director:
Richard Patrick

Born and raised in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, Richard Patrick attended a private Christian school from his elementary through junior high school years, graduating from high school as a home-school student. He later attended Dallas Community College where he earned an associate degree in network administration. He served as the IT director/engineer for a local company for ten years and currently writes control programs for HVAC/Security systems for a nation-wide company.

He and his wife of 19 years, Brandy, have two daughters and both are active in prison ministry. There is a special place in their hearts for the men and women of the TDCJ system. Richard serves on the board of directors for Disciples 4 Christ and also serves as the associate pastor of his home church. He has a passion for ministering to people and for sharing the love of Christ with the lost and brokenhearted.

Dennis Morrow

Dennis Morrow

Dennis was born and raised in Lavon, Texas.  He is the owner of a family operated business called, Ponderosa Pet Resort and Wags To Whiskers with his mother and wife Krista.  He’s been married 21 years and has three children. He is actively involved in the local community sports like baseball, soccer and football. He enjoys being in the wild to fish and hunt various game.  His grandfather, a church deacon for 48 years had a great influence on him and lead Dennis to the Lord at the age of 16. He has served in the church and later accepted the call to become an elder and Sunday school teacher for over 25 years.

Dennis said, “Several years ago, when I met Susan and Bob, I was amazed at the dedication they had to the men and women in white. One weekend, I decided to join them as a volunteer to see what it was all about. I enjoyed myself so much I decided to not only become a board member, but also a team leader of the Murray Unit.”