Jennifer Jones
Beating The Odds

If God Be For Me

True Story From A Former Offender Jennifer Jones. During my incarceration, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, and used my “down time” to draw closer to and build a personal relationship with Him, I began to allow God to transform me. Upon my release I realized that if I was going to make...
He Has Given Me Life
Beating The Odds

He’s Given Me Life After Prison

True Story By A Former Offender: Amy A. fter spending five years in prison, I was released in Oct. 2003. I feel I could write a book on the things that happened to me since then that COULD have given me a reason to do something to reoffend and go right…

Beating The Odds


Imagine yourself , driving down a long narrow street and approaching a sharp curve. There’s a sign that reads, “Deer crossing”. At the point of noticing the sign, you gear up to be attentive and familiar with every helpful device and process associated with avoiding any animal subject to run out in front of your…

But God
Beating The Odds

But God By J. W. Phillips

To have seen such surprise in the faces of so many friends upon finding out I’d made parole, I must say kind of hurt. Didn’t they realize I had done twenty-two years flat? Didn’t they realize how I was sick and tired of prison? Though I found it easier to forgive the haters (expected) than …

Beating The Odds

DYING IN CHRIST By Brother Don Talley

To those who do not believe in God, Life on earth will appear to be the best there is. For the non Christian, it is only natural to strive for the world’s values, money, popularity, power, and prestige. For the Christian it is different.“To die is gain” what do we gain? PHILIPPIANS 1:21 (Apostle Paul…

When I Look Back
Beating The Odds

When I Look Back: A Testimonial By Pauline Seja

With every glance into my past, I’m confronted with some kind of question. Questions like, “at what point did I become so troubled” or “how did trouble happen to find me”? Looking back I can’t believe how naïve and lost I was as a person. Having come from parents who figured they could substituted love…

Office Manager For D4C
Beating The Odds

D4C Welcomes Our New Office Manager: Jennifer Jones

Disciples 4 Christ was instrumental in my transformation from incarceration to the free world. Before I was released I knew the importance of staying connected to the body of Christ and I knew God was calling me to give back to those I left behind. While in the faith dorm I was blessed with a…