Can A Former Offender Volunteer?

Being a former offender will not keep you from Volunteering within the gates of TDCJ, but there are a few requirements prior to volunteering.

Special Guest/Guest Speaker:
To be considered as Special Guest you must have been out for at least 12 months, and have the unit Warden’s approval.

To become a TDCJ Trained Volunteer you must have been out for at least 18 months.
(Please DO NOT submit your application until your 18 months is complete).
To expedite your application you will need to:

Filling Out D4C Docs

1.  Gather These Letter/Documents. A current letter from your PO or a copy of your Parole Certificate (if off paper). A letter from your Pastor recommending you to volunteer within the gates (on church letterhead). Have 2 copies of your TDCJ Volunteer Application. (One copy to be attached to your TDCJ Volunteer Application and one copy to be mailed to Huntsville).

2. Go online and print out a TDCJ Application. Click Here
Be upfront as possible – if you don’t remember then say, “to the best of my knowledge”. Be sure to list any relative or close friend(s) within the gates.

3. Locate the nearest and first available TDCJ training. Click Here

4. Attend the meeting and turn a copy of the letters you gathered with the TDCJ application.

5. Mail the additional copies of the letters your gathered to:

c/o Volunteer Services
2 Financial Plaza, Suite 472
Huntsville, TX 77340

After the training follow up with Volunteer Services to see where your application stands by calling (936) 437-3026.

Finally, confirm with us your approval letters so that we can follow up with you in welcoming you to volunteer with us.  Now wasn’t that easy?