Richard and George Peoples

He Braved, Life For Me

Richard and George Peoples
George Peoples
By George Peoples Jr.

The Computer Preacher

I speak not of Jesus my Lord for he is life (John 11:25, 14:6). Rather I speak of Mr. Richard Patrick, ministering member of the Disciples 4 Christ Ministering Team. Following his conversion, as with all who convert, Brother Patrick was faced with considering the cost to live for Christ Jesus. Life himself looked Richard square in the eye and requested he either turn and selfishly walk away, or submit and be brave. Praise God, Richard Patrick chose to brave life! And I am of many beneficiaries of his choice. I am so thankful for his (family included) sacrificing, teaching, genuine, embracing, and convincing witness. As I am grateful, God must be pleased; as I am impressed, God must be proud. Had I not been already of the faith, Brother Richard would have converted me the day we met.

Deemed the “Computer Preacher” due to his creative usage of his Lap-top, Richard goes deep, amazes, all while managing to keep it clear and simple. This computer preacher wasn’t always so Christ-like. This is a safe statement due to both God’s word and Richard’s own profession, “For all have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). The mystery is whether Richard – at his own conversion – understood the significance his courage in choosing life would have? I can’t help but wonder how much detail was associated with his ministerial vision? How much did he (Richard) value the specks of sand he figured to one day minister to? Had God whispered to Richard informing him that he would be a tool of Love unto the lowly and unloved – a blessing to both God and man? Whether Brother Patrick knew or not, he is who he is! One of the few; the loving and the brave.

Around the time of the penning of this article (late April 2012) Brother Richard Patrick underwent open heart surgery (6 bypasses). I assume the free world just had to see if his heart was as big as we offenders claim. Richard served at the Hughes Unit Officer Appreciation Luncheon just 2 weeks later (early May 2012). TOLD YOU SO!!!