Susan Neyra

Disciples 4 Christ Founder Susan Neyra’s Story Is A Testimony To God’s Grace, Love and Mercy.

By God’s grace, the former embezzler was transformed into a humble servant. Seeking to proclaim God’s love and forgiveness to those most in need of mercy. She founded a ministry that has now expanded to over 45 events per year and continues to introduce the prisoners and their families to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Facing three felony counts, formerly Susan Dickens, knew she had made a mess of her life and only God could deliver her from the Hell she was living in. She knew that her own messed up thinking got her here and that the only way things could be turned around was by the saving grace of God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. One night in desperation, Susan cried out to God praying He would deliver her and He did just that. The moment she got up off her knees, she knew God had come into her heart and from that point on she would live for Him.

Later that year, Susan received three prison terms, but there is not a day that goes by that she is not grateful for her time within the fences. It is because of the love and encouragement she received while incarcerated she continues to goes back. It is her heart’s desire to be a walking testimony to those who have fallen and need motivation to get back up.

“Yes, Neyra spent time behind bars, though you couldn’t tell it to look at her. That, however, is exactly the point. The goal of the ministry that spoke to her and made such a difference in her life is to teach those incarcerated that while they may be in prison, prison doesn’t have to be in them.” Amber Pompa, Greenville Herald Banner

Today, Susan uses her life experiences to not only speak to those within the fences, but also at area conferences and seminars to help others overcome the challenges of life.

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